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In my decades of experience as a marriage & family therapist, aikidoist, musician, singer, storyteller, financial trustee and traveler of the spirit path, I find that the most crucial way to help is to provide a loving, safe, supportive environment where people can come as we are, let go of stress, and discover what our hearts & our bodies are telling us. I use every part of my experience to create this zone of safety for wholeness to emerge.

I practice in Sebastopol and hold a twenty-two year license as a marriage and family therapist, with an additional masters in public health education, and a specialization in somatic healing. I’ve spent two decades in public child protective services helping families undergoing abuse, stress, violence and addiction, as well as in private practice.  I hold three black belts in Aikido, and have a lifelong interest in the peaceful resolution of stress and conflict and the development of healthy families and communities.

Since 1974 I’ve used Aikido, a peaceful, self-defense art to deepen my awareness in my own body, settle my nervous system, and inform my ability to stand in my truth and power. I bring the multicolored strands of mind, body, and spirit together into all my work to anchor me, bring meaning to my life and depth to my work.

Contact Jerry
For more information about my work or to make an appointment call Jerry at 707-529-3761 or email me at jerry at somatichealingnetwork dot com.